Investment to build the company we’d like to do business with – Our Story

We made investment to build the company we’d like to do business with.
We hope you do too


Zinitz seeks to become a major participant in the provision of development in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and all across the world.


Using our network of highly skilled partners, our aim is to use time-tested values and practices to develop effective and productive solutions to our challenges.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Investment for Long term Development and Growth


Where we invest we emphasise local collaboration which enables the combination of in-depth local knowledge with expertise, experience in collaborative ventures, and a commitment to long-term investment interest.

This approach enables us to forge partnerships and operate in a mode different from the rest.

Excellence is at the core of what we do. We strive to achieve better things in every investment project.

At this stage, Zinitz Limited is focused on the following investment areas:

Building and construction of Real Estate
Building materials manufacturing
Natural Stone Processing
Solar Energy

With increasing development as an international group of companies, partnerships to enable mutual interest projects and outsourcing will increasingly be sought.

Zinitz Limited is aware of the inherent value of strategic partnerships with those sharing our vision and commitment.

Zinitz Limited aims to invest and broaden its investments through:

  • Careful selection of investment projects;
  • Investing to develop a well balanced portfolio of assets and projects;
  • Generating new business opportunities through innovation and timely application of new technologies;
  • Providing a safe and healthy environment for employees and demonstrating commitment to sustainable development through ethical business practice, environmental excellence and social responsibility;
  • Aiming to become the employer of choice, through a culture of meritocracy, openness, empowerment and enabling innovation, so as to attract the best talent to drive superior business performance;
  • Optimising the efficiency of supply channels and customer relationships, to drive the value of our products and services.


We are very much aware that our greatest resource is our employees, whatever their level of expertise.

We therefore not only seek and employ the best but also provide all our employees resources to improve their knowledge, skills and competencies.

Zinitz Limited places Health and Safety at the forefront of its activities. Our places of work will have a high standard of safety with facilities to cater for employees’ welfare at work.

All our operatives are provided health and safety wear at work and undergo health and safety training relating to the type of work carried out.

Our target is to manage risk with a view to reducing accidents or near miss incidents to zero.

We believe that in order to excel above the competition, we will have to strive constantly to lead in all spheres from hiring outstanding employees to having the best working environments.

If you are hardworking striving to become the best in your area of expertise and would like to join the team or one of our apprenticeship programs please feel free to contact us.