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Stop Buying Poor Quality, Imitation Roofing Tiles!

Buy high quality concrete roofing tiles, at competitive prices, made to international standards and guaranteed for 10 years!

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Concrete Roofing Tiles Used & Trusted by Home Owners & Construction Companies around the World

If you’re a home owner, building a new home, a construction company, sub-contractor or roofer, we’re here for you!

Buy in 3 simple steps


Contact us to place an order
Our team will be more than happy to help you calculate the number of tiles you will need.


Place your order and make your payment
On receipt of your payment your tiles will be prepared so you can collect them on a specified date that fits into your timetable.


Collect your roofing tiles
on the specified date of collection or a time convenient for you.
We will also let you know when the tiles are ready.
We know you are busy and sometimes people simply forget.

Latest News

Are you as fed up as we were of having to

  • Buy Poor Imitation Roofing

Iron sheets make your property look outdated and frankly look awful.

    • Wait for Weeks or Months

Not knowing when you will get your roofing isn’t good.

    • Let Me Guess,

I bet you thought you couldn’t even buy high quality concrete roofing tiles locally.

Well as it turns out, Zinitz has and continues to make it easy for people just like you

Buy high quality concrete roofing tiles and accessories at competitive prices and within your timetable
roofing tiles quality stamp

roofing tiles guarantee stamp
Say goodbye to poor quality roofing and hello to locally manufactured, high quality concrete roofing tiles made to international standards and guaranteed for 10 years.
  • No surprises or hidden costs

  • No more waiting for weeks or months to get what you paid for

  • Our roofing tiles are guaranteed for 10 years

But wait that’s not all

If you already have concrete roofing tiles that need replacing but can’t find the same tiles don’t worry, you don’t need to put up with an odd looking patch work roof!
we can replace old roofing tiles

We’re here to help you find the best roofing solutions that use high quality products that meet international standards.

Roofing your property should never be an after thought.

With the right roofing solution you can:
  • Have a beautiful roof that compliments the design of your property.
    Looks matter after all! You wouldn’t put on a nice outfit without making sure your hair was done right would you?
  • Have a roof that meets high quality international standards.
    We know you’re fed up of having to put up with rubbish and we agree.
    You shouldn’t!
  • Have a cooler home, office and property.
    Going inside shouldn’t be like going into an oven.
    No-more opening windows to let the Mosquitoes in!
  • Forget about loud and annoying noise from rain or hailstones.
    Let your family and children sleep soundly
  • Forget about worrying that the roof will blow away in the wind.
    These don’t move!
  • Forget about frequent repairs that cost a fortune or look odd.
    When you buy something it has to last!

Examples of Our Product Range

roofing tile product examples
  • Double Roman Roof Tiles
  • Left and Right Cloaked Verge Tiles.
  • Two and Three Way Ridges
  • Segmented and Half Round Ridges
  • Half Round Monopitch Ridges
  • Valley Tiles
roofing tile product examples
client example of our roofing tiles